Electric Hand Dryers – Not in Healthcare settings

Unless you’ve been living on Mars you know by now how important washing your hands is after going to the washroom, after eating and basically all the time. But what’s the best way to dry your hands? Depends on what’s available right?  It might be an Electric or Jet-Powered air Dryer, or a cotton or

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good quality toilet paper

The Throne Room Challenge: Importance of Good Quality Toilet Paper

According to Consumer Reports, an average American uses approximately 21,000 sheets of toilet paper every year. Many cost-conscious people use it as a multi-purpose product for reasons ranging from its use as a facial tissue to a source of cooking fuel. #Good quality toilet paper . However, as per its main purpose suggested by its

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Hygiene and sanitation

Six Scientifically-proven Superpowers that Only Mothers Have

Motherhood naturally comes equipped with certain superpowers. These include everything that‘s required to take on motherhood and overcome the obstacles you’re going to face while raising your child. From more strength to an increased stress tolerance, to fixing your kid’s problems like a pro, you’re now the center, holding the family together.here is a review

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