There’s a lot to love about owning a hotel or restaurant.

You get to make people feel welcome, warm, and appreciated while at the same time, running a business and making profit. Meeting new people and making their day can be fulfilling and financially rewarding as well.

However, a bad review, unclean premises, or just one case of food poisoning can undo your hard-earned reputation, ruin your business. In the worst-case scenario, hygiene and sanitation problems can result in the closure of your business.

While the hygiene war isn’t always the easiest to win, we are here to make things a little easier for you. With our auto sanitising dispensers, you can improve hygiene standards on your premises, save money and boost the image of your business.

Read on to learn how we are making the hygiene war a little easier for hotel and restaurant businesses, and how you can benefit from using Kim-Fay auto sanitising dispensers.

Reducing cross-contamination

Cross-contamination can spell disaster, especially for hotels and restaurants. It can result in food poisoning, chemical poisoning, and foodborne illnesses. Investing in touch-free handwashing and sanitising systems is one way to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Our automatic sanitising dispensers are fully automatic, touch-free systems. 

Unlike the traditional hand soap dispensers, Kim-Fay automatic dispensers have motion sensors that allow them to dispense the sanitising solution in one quick, convenient action. Your employees and customers do not come into contact with germy surfaces while washing or sanitising their hands.

Sets the tone for your premises

Customer experience is the name of the game (literally) for a hospitality business. Anything you can do to boost the satisfaction of your customers can pay big in terms of reviews, improved brand perception, and, revenue.

To help boost the image of your business, our auto sanitising dispensers come in classic grey and white finish. This will gives your facility a simple, yet stylish and modern look. The design also goes well with any washroom décor, therefore, boosting your facility’s curbs appeal. 

Saving time and money with Kim-Fay auto sanitising dispensers

Auto sanitizers

Sanitising dispensers are a huge cost for your hotel or restaurant, especially if your business experiences a lot of traffic. They also take a significant amount of time to do refills every time when empty.

Our auto sanitiser dispensers, however, are cost-effective and require fewer refills compared to manual dispensers. Hence, besides being saving time with fewer refills, you also get to save money.

Through automatic liquid dispensation, Kim-Fay auto sanitising dispensers allow you to preset the amount of liquid to be dispensed. This helps avoid wastage and also ensures the right amount is dispensed always.

Final thoughts 

 At Kim-Fay Professional we take the hygiene and success of your business seriously. We offer a variety of cleaning and hygiene products to help your business maintain proper safety standards while saving costs. Talk to our team via +254709892000 or email: to learn more about our products and cleaning solutions.