Everyday Products that Make Lives Better

Humble Beginnings

The FAY brand was launched in a small room at the back of a grocery shop by founders Resham and Satvinder Bains. They operated the aluminium foil converting machine themselves in between running the grocery business, in Peponi, Nairobi.

Working seven days a week, they would produce and pack the products themselves and bring them up to the supermarket to sell. After years of hard toil, the products eventually developed a loyal following. The couple then took the bold move of closing the shop and ventured into the unknown world of brand building. The rest, is history. The instantly recognizable Red Fay Aluminium Foil Box can still be found in the majority of East African kitchens today.

The FAY brand has been trusted by Kenyan households for over 35 years. It is a market leader across numerous product categories and has established itself as one of the strongest hygiene brands in the region.

Bains Brothers

In the mid-90’s and early 2000’s the Bains Brothers joined the business. First Raj in 1996 followed by Hartaj in 2001. In 2001 Raj became the CEO and Hartaj the Sales & Marketing Director. They still hold the same positions today.

In parallel, the brothers have played the sport of squash at the highest level for their country. Together they’ve played a combined 7 commonwealth games and 10 world championships each having captained the National Team at the highest level, and dominated the sport for over 20 years.

Our journey in business and sport has required an amazing amount of perseverance & grit to stay the course and it would have been impossible to do it alone. We shared the struggle and the triumphs. It created our remarkable bond and we would both give it all up if we were told we needed to be on that journey on our own.

Today we have a shared Ethos to Uplift Lives. We feel our products truly make a difference to the lives of the people using them and that’s what drives us.

But we are not alone. The amazing Kim-Fay family share this ethos and work tirelessly to bring it to Life every day.
Thank you for being part of our Journey.