Everything You Need To Know About Monkeypox

Three years since WHO announced the COVID-19 pandemic, the warning bells are ringing yet again. This time, it’s not from China, but a new viral disease that has its roots in Central and West Africa. Although known for decades, Monkeypox has been spreading rapidly and quietly in regions never reported before. This prompted WHO on

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How Technology Is Shaping The Future of Hygiene

It’s almost impossible to ignore just how much technology has taken over our daily lives.  Almost every single industry has experienced a transformation of sorts – whether it’s through Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud collaboration or other innovative technologies.  In the hospitality industry, improved hygiene awareness has increased the demand for high hand hygiene

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Hygiene and sanitation

Are You Doing Enough for Your Child? Yes, You Are!

Parenting is not easy –, especially for mothers. That is why we are ruling out mom guilt.You can get overwhelmed and exhausted with the consistent hassle and it’s completely okay to snap or yell a little. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad mother or your child deserves better than you. Motherhood is challenging at every

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A Healthy and Happy Family

8 Hygiene Tips to Keep a Healthy and Happy Family

There’s no denying that a healthy family is a happy family. People tend to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on family care products to strengthen their family’s ability to combat harmful germs and promote their health.This is all in quest to healthy and happy family. While these products are indeed made to help you

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