It’s almost impossible to ignore just how much technology has taken over our daily lives. 

Almost every single industry has experienced a transformation of sorts – whether it’s through Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud collaboration or other innovative technologies. 

In the hospitality industry, improved hygiene awareness has increased the demand for high hand hygiene standards both in private and public spaces. It has also led to improved adoption of innovative hygienic products such as touchless sanitisers and dispensing systems.

While these technologies are undoubtedly helping us keep the virus at bay, they are also shaping the hygiene industry in many ways. Here are a few; 

Improved decision making, thanks to IoT

Innovative dispensing systems such as IoT-powered dispensers are now helping businesses improve operational efficiencies through waste reduction. 

Through real-time visibility and reporting, it’s now possible for hospitality managers to gather data and reports about product usage, traffic and any malfunctions in their facility. This is helping them make better decisions, lower wastage and ensure any broken dispenser is fixed in time.

Monitoring made easy

Ever thought of the time it takes to refill your dispensing systems? Spending time more time than necessary checking and refilling dispensing systems can lead to additional downtime and lost productivity.

Innovative dispensing systems are now helping managers reduce the amount of time spent refilling the systems. Through easy monitoring and alert systems, dispensing managers can now easily take a glance to see whether or not their dispensing systems are adequately stocked or not. This helps reduce customer complaints about empty dispensers and allows managers to save time by only checking dispensers for refilling only when necessary. 

Handwashing reminder system, powered by AI

Future dispensing systems are expected to include reminders that alert patrons about different stages of handwashing. This also includes feedback from biosensors encouraging thorough handwashing. By investing in these systems, hospitality industries will be able to avoid contamination in their facilities, which can ruin your brand image and bring losses to their business.

Bottom line

We are currently living in a world where pandemics have become commonplace and life-threatening germs, bacteria and viruses can exist for days in our homes and workplaces if we are not careful. It’s only by constantly improving our hygiene we can stay safe and healthy.

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