Sustainability is a commitment to doing what’s right for our environment, for our society, and our industry. This is a journey of continuous improvement. For the past 30 years, we’ve been working on, and continuously refining our sustainability plan.

Our purpose is to use more green energy and become a more sustainable organization. 

At Kim-Fay, we are dedicated to sustainability, guided by our ethos of ‘uplifting lives’ and our unwavering commitment to taking care of our environment. How we operate, create products, and deliver them to you, our valued consumers, reflects this. 

We welcome you to read on and get to learn more about our sustainability achievements and how your business plays a role in helping us accelerate this progress.

Kim-Fay’s green energy and sustainability efforts 

green energy

Operating sustainability 

According to estimates, electricity production generates 25 % of all greenhouse emissions. This a pretty hard-hitting fact, especially for companies like us who operate production factories.  

At Kim-Fay, we have turned to green energy sources in all our facilities. 

We are proud to announce that our factories are now powered by solar energy from solar panels installed on factory’s roofs.  Installing solar panels has helped us realize significant economic and environmental benefits from previously unused roof space. 

Converting our energy source from electricity to solar is a huge step towards our goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint and meet 100% of our energy requirements from green energy sources.

Reduce today, uplift tomorrow

Our products

Kim Fay products

At Kim-Fay, we believe sustainability doesn’t stop at manufacturing and production. This extends to how our products are consumed and disposed of.

We have designed our products uniquely to help you reduce consumption. They are efficient and long-lasting, allowing you to do more with less. They also help you save by allowing you to cut down on the number of times you shop for cleaning products and solutions.

Side note: Did you know that 99% of stuff people buy ends up in the trash within 6 months? Additionally, we dump 40 million tons of obsolete and broken electronic products.

Good news is, you can avoid contributing to this by choosing efficient and durable products.

Supporting our supply chain

As part of our goal to minimize our carbon footprint in the supply chain, we are working with suppliers to ensure their efforts are in line with our mission. 

Therefore, we understand our commitment goes well beyond what we control. As a result, we collaborate with our partners to improve the overall sustainability of our supply chain.

Additionally, we are actively encouraging them to adopt greener supply chain methods that have a lower environmental impact.

Let’s thrive together!

By choosing to buy from us, you are contributing to and supporting our sustainability goals. You are helping us make a tangible difference to Kenya’s environment as we work towards creating a green and more sustainable country.