How about some good news for a change? After months of listening to our trusted customers and monitoring all the different hygiene trends happening across the globe and here at home, we decided to launch our very own Kim-Fay Hygiene Audit. Why? The truth is, from COVID to Monkeypox, most of us in business have been having a hard time balancing day-to-day operations while keeping our staff and customers safe. As business owners ourselves with thousands of employees under our care, we get it! 

Our FREE Hygiene Audits are designed to help businesses of any scale, take a proactive approach in all matters hygiene and sanitation. Ever since COVID struck, the entire world has shifted perceptions on “what clean looks like” and “how businesses are expected to operate.” A research study by Plos One indicates that now more than ever, people expect businesses to be more vigilant when it comes to cleanliness. Especially if they are in the hospitality or food sector.

Let’s dive into what our audits actually are and how your business can benefit from one!

The Kim-Fay Professional Hygiene Audit: What is it?

Simply put, our audits are a thorough evaluation of your business and workplace environments. We factor in regulatory guidelines as well as industry best practices and provide expert feedback on ways you can improve and enhance existing processes. In today’s germophobic world, using compliance checks by organisations such as Kim-Fay Professional has proven to be a winning strategy. Many organisations use this to reassure their staff and customers of their commitment to protecting their well-being, and positioning their organisations as people-centric.

How do they work?

We pride ourselves on making our services as accessible as possible. To book your hygiene audit, you can easily reach out to our team of experts via a phone call or by sending us a WhatsApp message. Our hygiene experts will then schedule a visit to your premises and thoroughly evaluate your space for adherence to regulatory guidelines and industry best practices. After which, a detailed audit will be shared with you and your team with recommendations on how to improve and enhance your existing processes.

And yes, it’s that easy!

Why do you need a hygiene audit?

  1. Show your customers you care

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the largest upheavals Kenyan businesses have faced in recent years. Our hygiene standards have changed and customers are now more concerned about their health in public spaces.

Our compliance checks and products are synonymous with hygiene excellence. Having us on your side, gives your customers one less thing to worry about, and boosts their confidence in knowing that their hygiene is well taken care of.

  1. Lower downtime and improve operations

Data is king, especially in hygiene. Our audits can help you recognize, evaluate, and adjust for potential hygiene hazards in your spaces. This means you can now identify and eliminate any health risks before they even have an impact on your organisation. Just think of all the impact you could make if you never had to worry about sick-offs caused by common ailments such as flu, and stomach upsets.

Bring your hygiene into focus!

Hygiene and sanitation will likely be at the forefront of our minds for a while. Positioning your brand as a hygiene leader can help set you apart from competitors while improving relationships with the people who matter the most to your business.For more information about our free audit, you can reach us on +254709892000 or via our e-mail