Fay Facial Tissues

Super strong yet sensationally soft, silky and gentle on your skin. The new Fay Décor range is designed to help you express your unique personality. Be it bright Artistic or Elegant, these new designs are sure to complement your style.

Fay Facial Tissues are super soft, strong & absorbent. They come with a hygienic dust barrier to prevent contamination once the box is opened. Perfect for use in the home, in the car or at work

CodeProduct nameDescriptionWholesale Unit
135180FAY White 80's2ply x 80 sheets48 packets
135280FAY Pink 80's2ply x 80 sheets48 packets
135170MISS FAY White 70's2ply x 70 sheets48 packets
135150FAY White 50's2ply x 50 sheets48 packets
135440FAY White 140's2ply x 140 sheets24 packets
135540FAY Pink 140's2ply x 1400 sheets24 packets
Décor Series
CodeProduct nameDescriptionWholesale Unit
135601Fay Décor Series 140's White2ply x 140 sheets24 packets
135600Fay Décor Series Bright 140's White2ply x 140 sheets24 packets