KimFay E.A Ltd's Quality Policy Overview

We, the Kim-Fay team, are personally committed to uplifting lives in Africa; through exceptional brands and actions that exceed expectations. We deliver hygiene solutions, personal care, family and household products to our customers; on-time and defect-free.

Our commitment is driven by the following:

  • Customer focus — making customer (focus our number one priority
  • Respect — giving respect to get respect
  • Integrity – inspiring others with our commitment to doing (the right things always
  • Team Spirit – accomplishing our goals through teamwork and collaboration
  • Continual Improvement — nurturing a culture of continual improvement
  • Openness and Honesty — embracing openness and honesty with all people we deal with

In our continual strive for excellence, we commit to complying with applicable requirements, reviewing our quality objectives, and improving our quality management system.