Fay Cling Film

Designed with ‘opticling technology’ which makes the film cling tightly when used on food dishes. This helps seal in freshness and flavor. Also available with an innovative ‘slide ‘n’ cut’ mechanism that allows you to easily cut the exact amount of cling film that you need.

Fay Cling Film is made with opta-cling technology. This makes the film cling tightly when used as to wrap all foods. It seals in freshness and flavour, keeping your foods fresh.

Fay Cling Film
CodeProduct nameDescriptionWholesale Unit
35310530cm × 15m Cling FilmRetail size36 rolls
35310330cm × 30m Cling FilmRetail size36 rolls
35330030cm × 300m Cling FilmCatering size1 roll
35330430cm × 300m Cling Film Slide n’ CutCatering size1 roll