Buying new washroom dispensers is always a balancing act between cost and aesthetics. You are almost always forced to choose between a sleek, but expensive unit, or a low-priced dispenser that does not match or add to the image of your brand. But what if there were elite dispensing units that just aced these two aspects – cost efficiency and aesthetics?

What if you didn’t have to sacrifice the look and feel of your brand when choosing hygiene solutions?

Well, now you don’t – thanks to our new range of elite dispensing units! 

What are the elite dispensing units, you ask, and how can they help me save?

Well, join us in this article as we discuss how you can save and improve the look of your washrooms. We will also show you how to boost your company’s image with our new range of elite dispensing units.

Kim-Fay Professional elite dispensing units – what are they?

The elite dispensing system is a new range of intelligent dispensers. Additionally, designed to help you cut your hygiene costs as well as improve the look of your washrooms. 

Thoughtfully designed, these units are an easy way to add a touch of elegance to your facility while helping you to keep your washrooms clean in a cost-effective way.

We have three types of the elite range of dispensing systems;

KimFay elite dispensing units
  • The hand towel dispenser 
  • Jumbo toilet paper dispenser 
  • Foam soap dispenser

Why choose Kim-Fay Professional’s elite range of dispensing units?

Modern, elegant & bespoke

Unimpressive or underwhelming bathroom accessories and fixtures, not only detract from the overall look and appeal of your washrooms but also compromise your brand image. Choosing the right dispensing units, therefore, can boost how your customers perceive your brand.

Our elite dispensers are designed to be functional, yet elegant and stylish. With a mercury polish and black finish, the units are a sure-fire way to give your washrooms that simple yet elegant and classy look you’ve always desired.

Kim-Fay Professional elite dispensing units are  – literally and figuratively – a stunning reflection of our commitment to you and your business image.

Economical, efficient & smart

Depending on the type you choose, washroom dispensers can prove to be a costly and wasteful feature, especially in a facility that sees a lot of traffic. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you choose hygiene solutions that will help you save costs.

Kim-Fay Professional’s elite range of dispensers offer precise fluid dispensing and a unique one-sheet paper dispensing system. This helps avoid accidental dispensing and wastage. The elite dispensing units are also low maintenance which ensures low downtimes and reduces the cost of ownership.

More than just looks…

We’ve all been to washrooms with dispensing units that looked unhygienic, unimpressive, and simply out of place. From style to shape and other design elements, it’s truly the small details that matter when it comes to how your business washrooms look and feel. 

Ensuring your washroom design adheres to and boosts your brand. It is an easy way to add class and give your customers the truly luxurious bathroom experience they deserve. With Kim-Fay Professional’s new elite range of dispensers, this is now not only a possibility but also an easy way to cut on hygiene costs. 

At Kim-Fay Professional, we are not just your hygiene partner, we are committed to helping you improve the look and functionality of your facilities and boosting your brand and business.